The True Entrepreneur

I’m a young entrepreneur looking to work with companies in helping them develop their business ideas and business plans through thoughtful analysis and decisive action. I want to help them model their businesses using up-to-date techniques and timely information to start new businesses. I received my undergraduate degree in accounting, however, I’ve always been very interested in venture capital, business development, and early stage businesses.

I received a great informal education from my father, a veteran of IT systems development, and now a 15 year practiced VC and management consultant. He’s taught me the principles of what it takes to be a successful businessman, to be honest, hard working, and decisive.  Through what he’s taught me, and what I’ve learned in and outside of class, I’ve grown to love enterprise, the anthropology of human progress, and the psychology of enterprising humans.

My goal is to start a business helping people regain freedom in their lives by opening their minds to their ideas and helping people gain back the economic freedom that has been lost in the past decades.

Topics I will cover in my blogging will be wide ranging and apply to every entrepreneur at every level, from the guy with just an idea, all the way up to the owners of billion dollar businesses.  On the lighter side There will be posts on history, psychology, anthropology, self-sufficiency, morality, politics, economics, and innovation.  Heavier topics include business development, business model generation, business plan writing, market research, and other business focused topics.

Underlying this goal is my undying belief that entrepreneurs are the foundation of the world’s greatest achievements. We are the people willing to risk economic security to solve the world problems. We are the people celebrated for our good-natured resolve. We are the people with the indestructible desire to put the responsibility of a better world squarely on our shoulders.  I believe entrepreneurship is a primal need; it is the very next step after fire.


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